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Clean air; one of the first European producers to develop a microbiological safety workbench, certified by TUV Nord, DIN, according to the European standardization standard. Baker, on the other hand, developed the world’s first Biological Safety cabinet which formed the basis for the design of many other globally developed laminar flow and biological safety workbenches.

CleanAir by Baker focuses on supplying a range of biological safety workbenches and laminar flow solutions. Optimally developed for performance, safety and protection of the user, their work and the environment.


CleanAir is in our DNA; we make your life Safe and Simple.

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Intravacc is the link between coming up with vaccines and producing them on a large scale. The researchers who work at Intravacc are developing ways in which a new vaccine can ultimately be tested in large quantities according to strict requirements and then produced.

Successful project

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A look behind the scenes

To give everyone an idea of what CleanAir by Baker can mean for you and your organization, we would like to give you a look behind the scenes.

A look behind the scenes?

Working from home

Because of Covid-19, our office staff of course also works at home. It might be that at some moments we are a bit less reachable by phone than you are used to from us. Please send us an e-mail: