Keep your process on track

Proper maintenance and accurate calibration of your measuring equipment are crucial to guarantee the quality of your processes. In addition, proper maintenance prevents unnecessary costly repairs and extends the life of your equipment and monitoring systems.

In our lab or at your location; our expert technicians are happy to perform calibration and / or maintenance for you. You can send your equipment to us and we will get started in our classified laboratory. Isn’t that possible? We come to your location, with professional mobile set-ups that deliver the same quality.

Examples of equipment:

  • Filter test equipment
  • Temperature sensor
  • Relative humidity probe
  • Pressure sensors
  • Air Samplers
  • Monitoring systems

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Working from home

Because of Covid-19, our office staff of course also works at home. It might be that at some moments we are a bit less reachable by phone than you are used to from us. Please send us an e-mail: