Together against Covid-19

Your wish is our command...

Streeklab Haarlem is the knowledge center for medical microbiology for hospitals and healthcare institutions, general practitioners and GGD in the Kennemerland region. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the Streeklab has been a RIVM upscaling lab to provide corona tests for all these healthcare providers in the region – and also for the GGD Hollands Noorden and other institutions outside the region.

In connection with the opening of another three new GGD test lanes at the short term – at Schiphol and the region, an increase of more than 1000 samples per day – 2 Biological Safety cabinets were urgently needed to further increase the capacity within the lab.

Given the many years of collaboration between Streeklab Haarlem and CleanAir, we were the first to be approached to see if we could meet this demand in a very short time. The application was discussed on location on Thursday and delivered, installed and validated the following Tuesday. A day later the cabinets were in full operation and Streeklab Haarlem was able to cope with this increase quickly and safely and thus support the GGDs.

In this way we are working together to process the flow of COVID-19 samples and keep the pandemic under control.

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