“Collaboration and quality system have led to a successful project”

“Collaboration and quality system have led to a successful project”

Intravacc is the link between devising vaccines and the large-scale production of vaccines. The researchers working at Intravacc are developing ways in which a new vaccine can eventually be tested in large quantities according to strict requirements and then be produced. Intravacc also develops new ways to administer vaccines. Intravacc’s mission is to contribute to global healthcare by ensuring vaccines are safe, efficient and affordable.

To enable the R & D of vaccines in their state-of-the-art laboratories, Intravacc uses microbiological safety cabinets, among other things. These cabinets provide protection as well to the product as to the user. For the purchase of 26 new safety workbenches, Intravacc chose CleanAir by Baker. The choice for CleanAir by Baker was not only based on the quality and user-friendliness of the cabinets, but also because of the quality system CleanAir by Baker works with.

With this quality system, all processes from production up to and including delivery and validation are carefully monitored and if necessary adjusted prematurely so that it is possible to guarantee the quality and the agreed delivery time. All 26 safety workbenches have now been installed and put into operation. This to the satisfaction of Intravacc and the users.


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