New hospital pharmacy UMCG

The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands and the largest employer in the Northern Netherlands. The more than 10,000 employees work in patient care, on training doctors and medical specialists and on leading scientific research, with a focus on healthy and active aging. As CleanAir we are proud we have been a part of this for decades.

The KFF project (Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology)

In 2016, the UMCG launched its plans for a new facility for Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology. A new state-of-the-art GMP facility for the preparation of medication for individual patients and special products. In close consultation with the UMCG, the main contractor Friso Bouw has made the choice to bring in CleanAir as a partner for the delivery of 18 installations, including class 2B safety cabinets, cross-flow cabinets and powder extraction units. A perfect match.

“The collaboration was very good. CleanAir knows good and clear communication is crucial during a complex project. They are very aware that only good cooperation leads to a successful project and a satisfied customer. Where we asked to be flexible, they moved in a very nice way, “says Simon de Vries, project leader Friso Bouw. “CleanAir has left an impression of a professional, expert, flexible and involved partner. Both in representation and implementation. ”Adds Arjan Wiegers, technical policy adviser at the UMCG.

Requirements for a GMP facility are high. The hospital pharmacy knew what she had in mind, but some solutions still had to be worked out technically. That is why CleanAir was asked to contribute to the processes of the hospital pharmacy. Customization is the power of CleanAir, so they grabbed these issues with both hands.

Digitizing “4 eyes principle”

One of the nicest and directly the most challenging issue of this project was the digitization of the 4-eyes principle. It was a wish from the hospital pharmacy, but they had not yet envisaged how they could perform this technically. Derk Allersma, hospital pharmacist at the UMCG, is happy what has been offered. “The idea that we had in mind was realized. We are able to take very detailed photos of the part of the worksheet which we prepare. As soon as we have also designed the software, we can link the photos to the preparation document. We can also approve and release the medication through the photo. In this way, we make a big leap in efficiency, because there is no longer any physical presence in the preparation rooms as a controller. ”

In the future, the camera can be expanded with a second lens for the entire work surface. The hospital pharmacy can use this to allow live (new) staff to watch preparations for, among other things, training purposes.

Impression made

“You can see that these installations are your core business. You have the right knowledge available. We certainly got that impression when conducting the quality tests at your premises in Utrecht. ”Derk Allersma is very satisfied with the cooperation and communication with CleanAir. Because of the form of the project (tender), both came together later to discuss the specifications. “For a next project, I would like to meet earlier, so that together we can discuss the desired specifications in detail”.

Every single day there is a strong team at the UMCG ready for her patients. We are proud the new hospital pharmacy will make their preparations in our cabinets in the coming years. We are happy we can contribute to that.


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