Change the material and production techniques instead of human behavior.

NEFFA is growing the future of Fashion

Aniela Hoitink: “We live in a world of Fast Fashion and most people think this is a disaster. The fashion industry is working on recycling and circular fashion, trying to change the behavior of 7 billion people, which is a huge challenge. On the contrary, we look at how you can change the material and production techniques instead of human behavior. We believe it’s easier because our behavior is much older than the production techniques.

We have been inspired by the biological life cycle for this. Nature has its own consumption behavior. Every year a tree gets new leaves. Can we grow clothes that can be composted after wearing, just like the leaves of the tree compost? ”

Pioneering project

With the pioneering MycoTEX project, NEFFA is developing sustainable textile from mycelium, the root of the mushroom. The shorter production chain eliminates the need for chemicals and pesticides. The water is reduced by 99.5% and due to local production there is little transport. There is only cultivated what is needed of mushrooms and there is no textile waste during the production phase. And AFTER wearing it, the garment can easily be buried in the ground and will compost it.

NEFFA specializes in fashion innovation and develops personalized fashion and textile products based on newly developed material and production techniques. They also investigate old materials, paint and production techniques to combine these with current technologies. For this project, among others,

NEFFA uses a CleanAir Biological Safety cabinet; the BioVanguard. This is to prevent the fungi from moving through the air or being inhaled, for example.

Aniela Hoitink was familiar with the CleanAir cabinets from her research history at the University of Utrecht. Due to the fine way of working, reliability and reputation of CleanAir, she has again opted for a BioVanguard Biological Safety cabinet from CleanAir for NEFFA. During the WoTS in 2018, contacts were made again and cooperation was established.

BioVanguard – Biological Safety cabinets – Class II (IIA & IIB)

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