Good ergonomics of great importance within tissue culture

Good ergonomics of great importance within tissue culture

Vitroflora is a leader of Polish horticultural companies. Originally they produce material from decorative plants. The main groups of products are: cuttings of bedding plants and balcony plants (there are more than 220 species of plants in the range), cuttings of chrysanthemus, poinsettias, pot plants, seeding of annual and biennial plants and seeds. The most expanding branch branch at the moment is the perennials – produced from tissue culture, cuttings and seeds.

Vitroflora uses CleanAir by Baker CrossFlow workbenches for tissue culture. A dozen workbenches have been shipped to Poland recently and more will follow soon. Vitroflora is very pleased with the new generation CrossFlow workbench because of the robustness of the workbenches, the high quality and the long lifespan.

The production through tissue culture is very labor intensive. That is why good ergonomics and sufficient light are of great importance to carry out the work in a pleasant way. The CrossFlow cabinets from CleanAir by Baker meet these needs with LED lighting and, upon special request, integrating two pearl bath sterilizers in the worktop.

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