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HEPA Air Cleaning Unit (HACU 1200 & 600)

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HEPA Air Cleaning Unit (HACU 1200 & 600)

If a potentially contaminated room (airborne particles / aerosols, viruses, bacteria) needs to be released quickly, the HACU 1200 & 600 provides extra capacity to increase the air change rate of your room. For example, the room is urgently needed for a new patient or you have an ante room where you want to decrease the recoverytime.

The unit can also be used as an extra solution to reduce the level of particles in a room such as in a waiting room, gym, catering/restaurant/hotel facility or classroom. (viruses. bacteria, CFU’s etc.). Mobility is guaranteed by wheels, as long as there is a socket nearby, the unit can be placed wherever it causes the least inconvenience.

The HACU 600 is the smaller version of HACU 1200. With its compact dimensions of ±75x75x35 cm (wxhxd), the HACU 600 is ideal for smaller rooms, or when less recirculation is needed (±600 m3/h).

HACU 1200 & 600

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