SteriMax, Sterilization by Infra-red light.


SteriMax, Sterilization by Infra-red light.

It is generally known that when using a Bunsen burner in a microbiological safety workbench, the laminar airflow is seriously disrupted. The use of a Bunsen burner in a microbiological safety workbench is therefore not recommended. Nevertheless, there may be a need to sterilize required tools such as an öse and exhaust tubes using heat.

A good alternative to the Bunsen burner could be the SteriMax. Because the sterilization is carried out in infra-red, there is no disturbance of the laminar air flow. An additional advantage is that any splashing, due to heating of material, does not come from the öse into the working area of the safety workbench but against the warm outside of the heating chamber of the SteriMax. This keeps the workspace clean. Because the SteriMax only uses energy during sterilization, energy consumption is low. The SteriMax generates a ‘hot spot’ of 750-1000 °C by infra-red after 5 to 10 seconds and can be used immediately, without pre-heating. The exterior of the SteriMax remains cool. This makes it a safe, fast and efficient way to disinfect material.

CleanAir by Baker can supply you with the SteriMax and, if required, even install it in your work bench at any desired location.

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