Have you ever viewed the inside of your Safety Cabinet?


Have you ever viewed the inside of your Safety Cabinet?

CleanAir has pre-filtered all its Biological safety cabinets and Flow cabinets.

The pre-filter filters all incoming air and thus prevents dust, dirt and particles from ambient air from accumulating inside the cabinet. If dust, dirt and particles accumulate in the cabinet, the disinfectant, which have to clean the cabinet, is having much more difficulties to get into all corners of the cabinet because first it needs to penetrate all pollution. It can be stated with less certainty that the entire cabinet has been disinfected. This creates a potential risk for the user, your product / research, the service technicians who must maintain the cabinet and the environment. The pre-filter prevents this accumulation of dirt.

The pre-filter also ensures that the HEPA filter has less contamination to process over time. Most of the remaining dirt is already filtered by the pre-filter. This ensures that the expensive HEPA filter has a longer lifespan because the resistance, due to the collection of dust, of the filter gradually increases over a longer period, so replacement is only necessary within the longer term. A HEPA filter without the use of a pre-filter will last for 5 to 6 years. We dare to state (and this has also been proven) that a HEPA filter with pre-filter in a CleanAir bank will last at least twice as long. Moreover; a lifespan of 12 to 15 years is no exception.

Also from a technical – service point of view, a pre-filter has a big advantage. You can replace a pre-filter of the cabinet yourself. A HEPA filter must be replaced by a service technician, which entails costs. These are not only the costs of an external service technician, but also the outgassing and the extra long downtime entail costs. An instructional video for replacing a pre-filter can be found on our website.

The story that a pre-filter would actually give more resistance is not entirely correct. The initial resistance will be higher. Because the pre-filter is replaced on a regular basis, the total resistance of both filters will be lower together after changing the pre-filter than with a safety cabinet without a pre-filter. This is also the reason that the HEPA filters last longer with the use of a pre-filter.

Do you want to know more about the use of prefilters in a safety cabinet? Please contact us and we can tell you all about this subject!

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