Work Coronaproof at a Biological Safety Workbench


Work Coronaproof at a Biological Safety Workbench

At various labs it is very common or even necessary to work with 2 people at the same time in a Biological Safety Cabinet. But how do you manage this safely in the current time of Covid-19?
From now on, this is no longer a problem with CleanAir’s Split screens. This screen is easy to apply by yourself, with the supplied suction cups, to the window of your BioVanguard, EF or CA Biological Safety Cabinet (4ft and 6ft).
Place the screen in the middle of the window at the front of the cabinet and you can work safely with 2 people next to each other.
Due to the material used, the screens are easy to clean. The screens are also easy to remove from the cabinet window without leaving visible imprints or residues.

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