CleanAir works overtime to help fight Covid-19.


CleanAir works overtime to help fight Covid-19.

Unintentionally, we at CleanAir by Baker, producer of Microbiological Safetycabinets for laboratories, have been in the news a lot lately.

We are the only Dutch company that makes internationally certified Microbiological Safetycabinets which can be used, among other things, to conduct research into the Covid-19 virus or to test the various materials of potential patients.

We are very proud and try as much as possible, as long as possible and responsible, to work with our entire team to serve our customers in and outside the Netherlands (Europe). Normally we deliver our cabinets by order with a delivery time of a few weeks; We have built one of our cabinet-types (BioVanguard QR) in stock for delivery within a day. For example, last week we were able to provide one of the hospitals in the Netherlands with a workbench that could be used that same working day. This to the full satisfaction of the hospital.

For the time being, our team is still working overtime to provide everyone who needs immediate capacity in the laboratory.

Building a healthy future together.

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Working from home

Because of Covid-19, our office staff of course also works at home. It might be that at some moments we are a bit less reachable by phone than you are used to from us. Please send us an e-mail: