CleanAir by Baker; Recognized training company


As of today, CleanAir by Baker has been accredited by the SBB (Vocational Education Business) as a recognized training company. This means that we are qualified to train people to the beautiful professions of Technical Engineer, Installation and Construction employee, but also for Marketing & Communication.

Are you looking for an internship or learning location (BBL, BOL) in one of these directions or do you have questions regarding other directions or possibilities? Contact Carina Notmeijer via or by calling +31 (0)85 – 90 22 500 and she can tell you all about it!

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Working from home

Because of Covid-19, our office staff of course also works at home. It might be that at some moments we are a bit less reachable by phone than you are used to from us. Please send us an e-mail: