A Day in the Life of Menno Engwerda - Account Manager at CleanAir by Baker


What are your responsibilities as an Account Manager at CleanAir by Baker?

As an account manager at CleanAir by Baker, I am responsible for the sales in the North and East of The Netherlands. This means that I am the customers main point of contact at CleanAir by Baker within this area.

For me, working in sales means building trust and providing customers with great advice on the products we sell.

A typical day is never the same and that is what I love about my job. With the COVID-19 pandemic, I have of course worked from home a lot more, however, do still visit customers on location and travel to our office in Utrecht. Visiting customers in a world of COVID-19 does mean social distancing and PPE, however it’s always nice to have in-person meetings!

What did you do before working for CleanAir by Baker and how did you get into the industry?

Prior to working for CleanAir by Baker and whilst I was still a student, I had multiple commercial jobs with banks and insurance companies. By chance, I simply posted my resume on the internet and as a result got a call from the recruiter. Six and a half years later, we are still here!

Had I not worked for CleanAir by Baker; I think I would have gone into marketing. I am a creative person and love photography and cinematography. I love how this can be incorporated into my role at CleanAir by Baker, even as an Account Manager.

What is your proudest moment?

Whilst working for CleanAir by Baker, I have had many proud moments. The UMCG hospital pharmacy definitely being a highlight. However, it isn’t always the big projects that make me the proudest. There are multiple smaller moments that I am just as proud of!

If you would like to learn more about the UMCG project, you can take a look at the case study on the CleanAir by Baker website.

What is your favourite part of your job and what advice do you have for anyone starting out?

As an Account Manager, communication is key, and I feel that in sales your biggest strength truly is yourself. Within my role, having an interest in people is very important and I love being able connect with different customers. I am all about getting to know someone, I enjoy finding out what they’re about and how I will be able to assist them in the best way possible.

I also love the variation my job provides, from visiting hospitals to food and pharmaceutical companies, I have learnt a lot. Despite this investment of time and effort into various projects, you can’t win them all, however its great to build relationships with so many individuals.

How do you relax and unwind?

Sport and staying fit is a huge passion of mine and so I love playing basketball and going to the gym.

Keeping myself and my mind active is important to my job and so if I want to relax and unwind, walking in the forest is the perfect way to do so!

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