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CleanAir by Baker, founded on January 1th 2018, has a rich history despite the young age. Clean Air technology has been around since the 1970’s, founded by mr. Bianchetti and for years as a family business at the top of the market for Laminar flow solutions. After working for ten years under the name Telstar and Azbil Telstar in the same market, CleanAir is back again.

Baker USA, also a family owned business with decades of experience in the same market but mainly in North and South America, has teamed up with Milo Bianchetti (son of the founder) and that’s how Clean Air by Baker came into being.

Our mission is to come together with the customer to a Laminar flow Solution, where FLEXIBILITY, TRUST AND QUALITY are the backbones. Our added value towards the customer and the market is that we have a lot of knowledge in-house, our own engineers, internal production and testing facilities and our own service organization. In short; one point of contact for the customer.

CleanAir Laminar flow solutions, whether or not custom made, for every lab environment in every lab not only in the Netherlands but also outside the country; that is our goal.

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